GLOSS MODERNE is Clean Luxury.
Sulfate-Free + Paraben-Free + Vegan.
Clean Luxury haircare for every man, woman and child.


GLOSS MODERNE is passionate about haircare that is both natural and luxurious. From the highest-quality ingredients to the minimalist, modern packaging, GLOSS MODERNE captures the essence of Southern California with a sensorial experience that combines a health-conscious way of life and effortless beauty.

Residing in Newport Beach, it was founder Kuen Rameson’s upbringing and her devoted role as a mother of two children that inspired her to develop a product line that was safe and effective for her entire family to use. Kuen integrated a key ingredient from her personal beauty and wellness rituals – coconut oil – which she uses for cooking, removing her makeup, and even oil pulling each morning.

Ultimately, Kuen wanted to create a brand that would blend a sense of ease and richness in haircare and enhance the meaningful, personal experience of caring for one’s hair.

Motivated by the absence in the beauty category for luxury, clean, and cruelty-free haircare as well as her insatiable search for the most efficacious and  aesthetically pleasing beauty products, Kuen was determined to create a line that was free of harsh ingredients and toxins that celebrates modern, contemporary design. Kuen immersed herself into the beauty industry, surrounding herself and seeking feedback from the top cosmetic chemists, influential beauty buyers and prestige global fragrance developers to ensure the line spoke to a multitude of audiences.

From the natural luxury of Southern California to the timeless beauty benefits of coconut oil, each GLOSS MODERNE product is carefully formulated with a personal touch of Kuen’s passions.

“Beauty, fashion, design and a healthy lifestyle are my passions—my love for these is what inspired me to create GLOSS MODERNE,” says Kuen Rameson, Founder. “Efficacious formulations made with pure luxurious ingredients coupled with highly acclaimed global fragrances and modern design aesthetic… GLOSS MODERNE is the epitome of Clean Luxury.”