Clean Luxury Hair Elixir - Rive

  • Clean Luxury Hair Elixir - Rive
  • Clean Luxury Hair Elixir - Rive
  • Clean Luxury Hair Elixir - Rive

Clean Luxury Hair Elixir - Rive


Experience the GLOSS MODERNE Clean Luxury Hair Elixir. An extraordinary new hair treatment with the properties of an oil, serum and essence combined. Luxuriously light and weightless, hair-smoothing and frizz-controlling, this beautifying hair elixir reduces drying time and provides both heat and UV protection while strengthening and sealing the hair cuticle. An ultra-modern composition of oils, vitamins and nutrients for every hair type including color-treated hair. Restore and maintain pristine hair that feels as soft as silk with brilliant shine and luster. An elixir of life… capable of inducing a love affair with your hair.

Our hair elixir is housed in Italian glass vessels designed to be refilled, a beautiful statement of our deep commitment to luxury, quality and sustainability at GLOSS MODERNE.

Fragranced with Clean Luxury perfume oils created by our 18th century fragrance house in Grasse, France. A modern olfactory expression of cristalline waters. Rive is a fragrant composition of citron and verte nearly transparent in nature… a perfume evocative of luminous beauty.

2 sizes available // 50mL, 100mL

*With the natural ingredients in our Clean Luxury Hair Elixir, sediment may naturally occur as a result of our commitment to clean formulations. 

  • Product Info
  • How To Use
  • 1% to 2% fine fragrance and/or pure essential oils
  • Refillable Italian glass vessel
  • Fine-mist sprayer plus cap
  • TSA-approved
  • Made in California
  • 50ml / 100ml / refills
  • Mist desired amount onto hands and disperse through ends of hair
  • May be used on freshly washed hair or also throughout the day on dry hair